Monday, May 20, 2013

Monday Muse - Tom F*cking Hardy

Hells yes. 

It's Monday.  That means...


This week's muse is Tom Hardy.  Behold:

Seriously.  This is a man who actually exists on this planet.  And...get this...the best part is...he's British.  I could sit around all day and blab about how amazingly talented he is.  (He was Bane in The Dark Knight Rises, by the way, in case you're like, "He's cute, but what the hell movie is he in?"  Also, don't forget Eames in Inception.  And then there's the 46 other movies he's in too.)  He's won some awards and stuff and blah blah blah.

Reason #2 why he's bewitched me:

Dear Tom,
You have an accent, you have tattoos, and therefore I love you.

I know he's flicking a cigarette in this picture, but it could just as easily be his own personal sign language that says, "Allison, will you marry me?"

I am jealous of the straw in this picture.

I am jealous of the dog. 

I am jealous of those grocery bags.  (Who makes walking down the street with groceries look sexy?  I mean, really, Tom?  Just stop it.  You're embarassing every other man on the planet.)

I am jealous of this dog too.

Oh stop it. 

I am jealous of this cigar.  And that kid from Third Rock from the Sun. 

I am...not jealous of this baby, because he looks really uncomfortable.

You're not Tom Hardy.  So, shut up. 

And that concludes this week's Monday Muse.  Now go conquer the world!

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